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Bespoke design

Nor-Cal's engineering staff can design custom components from customer specifications, sketches or drawings and oversee production with in-house tooling and equipment.

Our customers benefit from the combined experience of our engineers, whose input during the design phase often results in cost savings during production and a superior product. We have complete prototype machining capabilities along with the ability to perform pressure, conductance and thermal characterization as well as software and electronic development and testing.

Some examples of products we have designed for customers include vacuum chambers with or without load locks, manipulators and frames; custom isolation valves; custom pressure control valves and controllers; application specific foreline traps; custom heaters; custom weldments and flanges; and subassemblies comprised of various proprietary and purchased components. Nor-Cal's engineering department uses the latest versions of AutoCad drafting, Inventor & SolidWorks 3D modeling, and Cosmos & Algor FEA software packages.

In addition we can advise on the thermal characteristics, finite element analysis on both modified standard parts and specials.

You may e-mail drawings direct to our engineering department at sales@nor-cal.eu. Acceptable file formats are DXF, DWG, IGES, SAT and STEP. Use our form to request a quote