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Gain Control with Isolation & Pressure Control Valves





Since 1962, Nor-Cal Products has continuously improved valve design and expanded our product line in order to offer valves for almost every vacuum application. Our valves provide outstanding performance in the most demanding applications, such as semiconductor and compound semiconductor processing.

Isolation Valves
Nor-Cal Products offers vacuum isolation valves for a broad range of sizes, pressures and applications. Our pneumatically actuated poppet valves are standard on semiconductor equipment because of their robust design and edge-welded AM 350 stainless steel bellows, which provide full-opening conductance. Copper seal bonnet and manual all-metal valves are available for UHV applications. N-Series and Genesis modular valves were designed specifically for semiconductor equipment that require million-cycle reliability, small footprint and low-cost soft start and heating options. Additionally, Nor-Cal provides traditional linear as well as low-particulate pendulum style gate valves for isolation of high vacuum pumps and UHV chambers. We also offer a selection of leak valves, manual butterfly valves and pneumatic and manual ball valves. 
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Pressure Control Valves
Nor-Cal Products offers unequalled performance with Intellisys downstream pressure control products, providing measurable process benefits through higher resolution, speed and reliability. IntellisysTM adaptive pressure controllers and throttle valves reduce time to pressure set-point, while increasing tool throughput with more than 1,000,000 control resolution steps and a 20-times valve speed increase. Sealing and non-sealing butterfly valves are available with or without on-board control. Throttling pendulum valves provide unequalled pressure control as well as isolation for large bore high vacuum pumps. Heated and unheated capacitance diaphragm gauges and heater jackets are also available as options.
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Increase Vacuum Processing Throughput and Yield
This paper describes the differentiating features of Nor-Cal Products IntellisysTM downstream pressure control components and devices
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